Creating Opportunities for the Future:

Years of experience in successful design, implementation and commissioning of fiber optics systems for major telecommunication operators are the prime movers for Bumi Nada Setia (BNS) to consistently create opportunities and share the experiences with individuals, organizations and many institutions of higher learning.

As a healthy growing company, BNS is setting the pace and trend in this industry in delivering quality and trusted performance of high standard. BNS has consistently been a preferred training center by external organizations to place their staffs and students for successful and meaningful internships.

BNS has rooms for individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate and thrive to build a better future in the high performance and challenging ‘fiber optics communications’ ventures. 



Well-designed Compensation, Benefits and Rewards Plan is awaiting for any interested parties to grow with BNS. We welcome new entrants to benefit our Excellent Theoretical and On the Job Trainings. Accommodations and transportations to office and places of works are provided by BNS. While in the office, it is the practice of all the staff in BNS to perform all the prayers together (Tajmae) in the assigned prayer space located in the office itself.

Salaries and allowances are being paid punctually without fail at the beginning of every month. Monthly monetary rewards awaits individuals attached or employed by BNS for punctuality to workplace besides the normal performance rewards.

All employees are being Paid EPF and covered by SOCSO besides predetermined medical benefits at appointed panel clinics.

Technical employees will be equipped with relevant certificates required for the job through trainings and certifications by authorized organizations. The new employees learning processes are normally brief for dedicated and disciplined individuals as the existing staff will always impart their knowledge and experiences as enshrined in BNS Code of Practice beside the daily On the Job Training Programs.

Scheme for aspiring new entrepreneurs is available for staff, external organizations or even individuals provided they have the relevant competency, the right attitude and willingness to match the standards established by BNS.

BNS will always open its door to nurture talents for the fiber optics communications industry and welcome all parties to work together with us either in specific human resource development or business development on client or partner basis as and how the needs arise.