Bumi Nada Setia (BNS) SdnBhd is a fully-owned Bumiputera company. It was initially established on the 4th April 2002 and formerly known as D’Uffuq Enterprise. With the intention of moving in line with the Government’s Vision 2020, and building continuous trust from owners of telecommunications project, D’Uffuq Enterprise was upgraded to Bumi Nada Setia Sdn Bhd on 13th December 2004.

Currently, BNS has proven to be one of the competent contractors in telecommunication engineering works, manhole construction for telecommunication infrastructure and specialized in planning, designing, implementing and commissioning of fiber optic networks or systems.

At BNS, we strive for excellence in delivering our works through creative and innovative approaches by our young, committed, talented and skilled workforce. Performance level, being prioritized at the optimal, is supported by various manpower developments in various related fields. BNS is therefore assured of its competencies by trained talents to face the challenging demands and situations in the industry.

BNS aims to be recognized as one of the nation's, most capable integrated upstream telecommunications service and solution provider. With successful experiences working beyond our national frontier, BNS is ever ready to be positioned in any possible smart partnership with established players from our neighbouring countries. This is in line with our plan to penetrate the neighboring ASEAN neighbors. We consistently move with dynamic enthusiasm, driving our business agility through accumulated knowledge, experience and changing technology.

Good customer relationship is strongly practised to uphold BNS friendly image in the industry. BNS ensures the application of latest technology and know-how in organizing, implementing and commissioning all its projects.

At BNS, the Human Resource Division (HRD) has been entrusted the responsibility of human resource management, manpower planning, human resource development, training need analysis, industrial relationships, compensations and benefits. Whilst fulfilling organizational leadership needs, HRD ensures conducive working environment for the employees in compliance with national employment and labor laws. With scheduled Training Needs Analyses, BNS is confident to have a pool of talent to support and face the challenges in the development of the telecommunications industry.



Committed to Face the Challenges and Demands


Values embedded in our culture acts as the backbone of our business conducts and practices,

reflecting our sense of duty and responsibility in upholding our commitment

to the well-being of the people and the nation.



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Our mission

To be a leading in the installation and maintenance of the service provider fiber optic custom design networks.

To contribute to the continuous development of the national telecommunication networks.

To contribute to the well-being of the people and the nation.



Our Vision

To stay ahead and strengthen our position in the industry.

To maintain strong business agility through knowledge and creativity.

To establish a dominant talents pool to supports its targeted mission.